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#604 : Une journée en enfer

Écrit par : Melinda Hsu Taylor & Neil Reynolds
Réalisé par : Kellie Cyrus

FLASHBACKS D'UNE PÉRIODE TUMULTUEUSE DE LA VIE DE DAMON - Lorsque Damon et Bonnie se rendent compte qu'une période du passé de Damon peut fournir des indices afin de trouver le chemin du retour, Damon est forcé de revivre l'un des pires jours de sa vie. Après un différent gênant avec Jo (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) à l'hôpital, Alaric intervient pour aider Jeremy a reprendre sa vie en main et a faire face à la perte de Bonnie. Ailleurs, Stefan tente de montrer à Elena ce que c'est que de recommencer et de créer une nouvelle identité tandis qu'un Matt méfiant se retrouve dans une situation troublante quand Tripp (guest star Colin Ferguson) le laisse avec un sombre secret. Enfin, Stefan, qui inspire à retrouver une certaine normalité dans sa vie, est abasourdi quand un visiteur inatendu apparaît.

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Black Hole Sun

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Une journée en enfer

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Previously on "The Vampire Diaries"...

Damon's gone.

I want you to compel me to forget that I ever loved him.

Who is Damon Salvatore?

He was a monster.

That's my girlfriend Ivy.

Somebody killed her last night right in front of me.

Caroline: Killing Enzo won't bring her back. If I kill him, I can leave this place, and I can start over again.



I have my own way I like them to die.

Vampires can't get into Mystic Falls.

They can lurk around the borders.

Jeremy: Sarah... The girl you attacked and you compelled...


She knows what I am.

My mom lived in Mystic Falls for years before she had me.

Damon: Where the hell are we?

Bonnie: 1994. My own hell. We're never getting out.

Bonnie: There's someone else here. Incendia.

Kai: We're on the same team.

Do you always try and kill your teammates?

The important thing is that you have your magic back because your magic is the key to getting the hell out of here.



( The camera shows the outside of the Salvatore house, it's morning. Kai is still taped to a chair in front of the fireplace. )

Kai: And, of course, I broke into the Oval Office, and took a picture of myself at the window looking all JFK.

But then, I was, like...wha - how am I going to get these photos developed –

Damon: (interrupts) Oh my god, just answer the damn question.

How are we going to get out of this Twilight Zone?

(Damon is sitting across from him in a dark couch.)

Kai: I got a question for you, first.

Why do you think we're stuck on a repeating loop of May 10th, 1994?

( Damon raises his eyebrows as if to say he didn't know. )

Kai: Doomed to relive a solar eclipse forever and ever, and ever.

Damon: How the hell should I know?

(He takes a sip of his bourbon.)

Kai: Well, I heard you tell Bonnie this place was your own personal hell.

I'm curious why.

Bonnie: (walks into the room) I found everything you asked for: can -opener, shower drain, grinding wheel, jam.

Pocket knife, volume "O" of the Encyclopedia, a nail and a black marker.

( She walks over to the table in front of the couch Damon is on, and dumps the things on it. Damon is now standing. )

Bonnie: Now what?

Kai: Can't show you with my hands taped.

( Bonnie reaches over, grabs the pocket knife and walks over to Kai. )

Damon: (warningly) Bonnie...

Kai: Thank you.

( Bonnie cuts off one of the taped binds on his hand. )

Damon: Okay.

( She cuts off the other binding. )

Damon: Fine.

How is this pile of crap going to get us out of here?

Kai: (rubs his sore wrists) I'll explain... as soon as you tell me what you did on May 10th, 1994.

Damon: (frustrated) What difference does it make!?

Kai: Let me put it this way –

Bonnie's magic is one part of the equation.

My as -yet undisclosed knowledge is the other.

Which means you would be hitching a ride home for free.

I just want to know if you deserve to come along.

( Damon stomps over to Kai, snatches the pocket knife from Bonnie and lifts Kai up to put the knife against his neck. )

Damon: Or I could just torture you until you say something useful.

Kai: (confused, speaks slowly) If you torture me, I'll get mad and then I won't want to help you.

(he looks toward Bonnie)

...What kind of person needs to have that explained to them?

( Bonnie reaches over and takes the knife out of Damon's hand. Damon roughly lets Kai go. Kai laughs. )

Bonnie: Play nice.

Damon: Stop trying to impress the new guy.

Bonnie: Why don't you just tell him your story?

Damon: Maybe because I don't want to talk about the worst thing I ever did, Bonnie.

( Kai, who had opened the jam, smiles. )

Kai: Ooooh, now I'm listening.

(He scoops out some jam from the jar with his hand and eats it)



( Damon has just rang the doorbell and has his back is to the Salvatore house. The doors open and he turns to see Stefan inside. Damon holds up the same newspaper Bonnie has been reading for the last four months )

Damon: Ready for some bad news?

( The newspaper's front page has an article about Kurt Cobain's suicide. Stefans leans against the door as Damon chuckles and moves forward to get in the house, only to be stopped by an invisible barrier in the threshold )

Damon: Barely seen you in 50 years, Stefan.

You could invite a brother in.

Stefan: Give me one good reason why.

Damon: Check your answering machine,

I'm trying to turn over a new leaf.

Stefan: Oh, I heard your message.

I also heard you sent Lexi some flowers, 17 years after you left her to burn to death on a rooftop.

Damon: Well –

Stefan: It's a little late, but I see you're trying to make amends.

I just want to know why.

Damon: Uh, well, I can tell you this, Stefan - I'm tired of tearing up New York City.

And, maybe it's the partying, or maybe it's my conscious –

Stefan: Well, I believe that word would require one.

Damon: (ignores him) - and then, I had this moment of clarity, and I said.

"Wouldn't it be great if I just woke up in my own bed and could have a fresh start?"

( Zach Salvatore appears behind Stefan. )

Zach: You must be Damon.

( Damon nods )

Stefan: Damon, this is, uh, Zach Salvatore.

He owns the house now, he knows the family house tree, and I told him if you got out of line, I'd take care of you myself.

Damon: Why you always expecting the worst out of me, Stefan?

Stefan: Oh, I don't.

Otherwise, I wouldn't allow this.

( Damon looks around confusedly. Stefan nods to Zach )

Zach: Come on in, Damon.

Damon: Huh.

(he takes steps into the house, smiling)


(He brushes past Stefan after tapping his shoulder)

Stefan: You ready to start over?

Damon: Hell yeah.



( Stefan is sitting on his motorcycle. He takes off his helmet when his cellphone buzzes. He glances at the caller ID and raises it to his ear )

Stefan: Hello.

Any sign of our runaway girl?

( Elena appears to be in the woods on the other end of the line. )

Elena: No, Caroline and I combed the border of Mystic Falls three times already.

No sign of Sarah.

Stefan: She's not on any of the roads, which means she's probably in Mystic Falls.

Elena: This is bad, Stefan.

Her compulsion went away as soon as she crossed the border.

She knows that Caroline and I are vampires.

Stefan: Listen, I gotta go.

I'll uh, talk to you later.

( Stefan turns his cellphone off and turns the key in the ignition. But, before he can leave, Elena superspeeds in front of his motorcycle. )

Elena: Where do you think you're going?

Stefan: (chuckles) Uh, I'm going home.

Elena: Savannah is not your home, Stefan.

It's an escape, a hiding place.

This is your home.

( Elena points to the Mystic Falls sign. )

Stefan: No, it was my home.

But, I can no longer enter its borders, therefore I have a new home.

Elena: (raises her eyebrows) So, you're just going to throw in the towel and go back to your fake new life?

Stefan: Look, my fake new life ended when Enzo decided to kill my not -so -fake girlfriend, Ivy.

So, I am going to go home, pack up and start over.


Elena: By pretending like your life here never existed?

Stefan: You'd be surprised how easy it is to forget the past, Elena.

Elena: But I'm not buying it.

You lost your brother.

There's no way that you're fine.

( Stefan sighs, reaching down for the keys, but Elena holds them up, smiling. )

Stefan: You do not have to worry about me.

It's not like I haven't done this before, I have a system.

Elena: Show me.

Prove to me that your system works.

If I believe that you actually are happy, then I'll let you go.

But if I don't buy it, which I probably won't, I will keep harrassing you until you come home. (she scrunches up her nose)

And, I'm talking about like Enzo -sized harrassment.

( They share a look, and Elena jiggles the keys. )

Elena: Deal?

(Stefan holds his hand out for the keys. )

Stefan: Sure.

( Elena drops them into his hand. )

Stefan: And what about our runaway girl, Sarah?

( Elena gets behind him on the motorcycle, and puts the helmet on. )

Elena: Well, we can't step foot into Mystic Falls.

So now, it's up to Matt and Jeremy.



( Jeremy and Alaric are sitting beside each other in a waiting room. Jeremy leans down and vomits into a vomit bag, Alaric pats his back. )

Alaric: Atta boy.

Get her all out.

( Alaric is on the phone with Matt. )

Matt: (voiceover) Is he seriously still wasted?

Alaric: Yeah, little punk showed up on my doorstep at four in the morning.


I thought you two were looking for Sarah together.

Jeremy: (groans) I did my part, she is definitely not hiding in the Salvatore liquor cabinet. Alaric: Listen, what about your vampire -hating neighborhood watch guy?

If Sarah goes to him for help, that's a problem.

Matt: (in his car) I'm on my way to Tripp's office now.

I think I can get him to trust me and tell me what he knows.

Alaric: Be safe.

(He hangs up.)

( Jo sees Alaric in the waiting room and walks toward him )

Jo: Alaric

Alaric: Hi.

(He stands up.)

Jo: Who do we have here?

Alaric: This is Jeremy...

(He stands Jeremy up with one arm.)

Jeremy Gilbert.

He's a little...

Jo: Underage?

Alaric: Yeah...

Jo: Yeah, I can see that.

Alaric: I was hoping you could give him one of those, uh... rapid -rehydration hangover -cure -type things?

Jo: (gives Jeremy a look) Oh, yeah.

You mean, the ones we reserve for professional athletes and starving children in third -world countries?


I think we'll start with a full workup...

(She holds an empty urine cup up and hands it to Jeremy.)

Physical, blood, toxicology...

Alaric: Yeah.

Why don't you throw in an STD screening while you're at it, huh?

Jeremy: (takes the cup and rolls his eyes) Really?

Alaric: Yeah!

Jo: (to Jeremy) Down the hall to the right.

( Jeremy groans and walks away, leaving Jo to look at Alaric. )

Jo: (winces) Do I want to know?

Alaric: It's just another day in the life of an Occult Studies professor.

Jo: Well, if that entails supervising drunk morons, then you and I have a lot more in common than I thought!

(Alaric laughs as Jo gives him a clipboard, they both look up at each other.)



( Matt is walking down the hall and he stops at the door, Tripp is on the phone. )

Tripp: I know, and I'm sorry, Karen.

Jay was a good kid.

(Seeing Matt in the hallway he gestures for him to come in.)

I promise, you'll be the first one to know, okay.

(He hangs up and sits back in the chair.)

Matt: Tripp, are you okay?

Tripp (sitting up): No.


I just told Jay's parents that I was the one who found their son dead in the woods last night. Matt: I heard, do you know what happened?

Tripp: You tell me.

( Matt has a poker face. )

Tripp: He went to the party with you.

Matt: I -I don't know.

He was drunk...

I offered to give him a ride home, and he said he'd walk...

I should have, driven him home.

Tripp: Okay.

I'm gonna give the sheriff my statement –

(Tripp stands up, waving his arms)

- and try to make sense of what happened to Jay.

Matt (standing also): Wait.

Maybe I should go with you.

I mean I might have been the last person to see Jay alive.

Tripp (staring at Matt): Ok.


Let's take a ride.

(They walk out together.)



( The camera shows the table littered with Kai's things, and he picks up a can opener. Bonnie and Damon are standing in front of the fireplace, Damon is pinching the top of his nose in frustration, his eyes shut. )

Kai: I need to be entertained, while I work.

(Kai is lying on his back on the couch, screwing open another Jam can with the can -opener. )

Kai (singing): ♪ Hell story, please ♪

( Damon turns his head to Bonnie, not his body. )

Damon: Remind me not to kill him.

Bonnie (moving her head): Maybe telling him your story will take your mind off of it. Damon: Whose side are you on? –

Bonnie: The side where we get to go home to the people we love.

Damon (after a prolonging moment): Fine.

( He turns to Kai. )

Damon: On May 1994, I was living here.

I'd come home to walk the straight and narrow.

( The camera moves past his head and into the flashback. )



( Damon's blue camaro is outside, Damon and Stefan are shining it with rags. Damon is wearing a white tank top, looking tiresome. Stefan is drinking from a flask, and Damon walks over to him. )

Damon: Can I have a sip of that?

I'm starving.Stefan: Suure.

(He emphasized.)

( Stefan hands him the flask, and Damon takes it. )

Damon: Whoo.

(He unscrews the cap and takes a swig.)

Stefan: Mmmm..

( Damon pulls the flask from his mouth quickly, his face pale, he looks down at it. His mouth still closed. )

Stefan: It's good, right?

Damon: Um -uh.

(He's holding the blood in his mouth even though it's disgusting, his lips contorted.)

Stefan: Oh, yeah. I can't remember if that squirrel was roadkill or one I caught in the rat trap. ( Damon shakes his head, scrunching the side of his eyes, revolted. )

Stefan: Better hope it was roadkill, though, because the rat trap was full of rat droppings.

( Damon is still disgusted, white as a sheet. )

Stefan: Swish your tongue around.

( Damon does, his mouth pursed. )

Stefan (rubbing two fingers together): Does it feel like hair, or is it more of a grainy pellet?

( Damon finally manages to swallow it. )

Damon: Ugh –

(He looks relieved,)

( Stefan takes a swig of it. )

( Zach has a paper brown bag full of food and he's coming up the lawn toward the house, he waves. )

Damon: How's it going, Zach?

What's up with all the grocery trips?

Zach: Ah.

One of the boarders is craving blueberry pancakes.

(He continues his way to the house.)

( Damon is regarding his uncle while playing with the grease rag for the car. )

Damon: You know, maybe I should run the Salvatore boarding house –

( Zach walks up to the woman standing in the doorway, her belly bloated and she says "Hi" to Zach )

Damon: Take over for Zach, get in good with Gail.

Stefan: She's on vervain.

So is Zach, which means hands off.



( Kai is snoring on the couch. )

Damon (from the bourbon station): Perfect. Our savior's insane and narcoleptic.

Kai: No, no, no, I'm awake.

( Damon, glass of bourbon in hand, walks over to Bonnie and stands beside her. )

Kai: Let me guess...

You killed the pregnant woman.

Damon: Shut up, Kai.

You weren't listening.

Kai: I was listening in my sleep.

You were hanging out with your distant nephew Zach, who you called uncle Zach because that's not confusing.

Plus pregnant lady Gail, who had a big bull's -eye on her chest.

Got it.

Bonnie (turns to Damon): Tell me you didn't kill a pregnant woman.

Kai: Oh, that's totally what happened.

Why else would today be his personal hell?

( Damon's expression shifts to angry )

Kai: Oh, here we go.

( Damon kneels in front of the table to face Kai, sitting his cup down. )

Damon: The only reason that you're alive right now is because I thought you could get us out of here and you could help us, but you don't HAVE any answers!

You're just a man -child –

(he picks up an empty jam can)

- with Jam on your fingers!

(He tosses the can to the side.)

Kai: Okay then, to get home, we'll harness the power of the eclipse using a mystical relic. It's called an ascendant, and it looks like this, Damon

(he picks up something, it's round, black and red.)

The last time we had it, was in the pacific north west.

(He opens a book, and sets it down.): Oregon.

Bonnie: We?

Kai: It belonged to my family.


(He picks up the pocket knife.)

here's a little blood to get you started –

(He slits the top of his finger.)

Now all we need, is a locator spell.

(He stands, eyes on Bonnie.)

To pinpoint its whereabouts.

( Damon stands slowly. )

Damon: Think you can find our ticket out of here, Bon -bon?

Bonnie (unfazed): Hell, yeah.



( Elena's looking at a picture of Stefan and Ivy. )

Elena: She's cute.

Stefan: Was cute.

Elena: I'm sorry.

Stefan: Me too.

But what's done is done.

So, after taxes and social security and health ensurance, I'm left with 206,003 cents to spend for the week.

Do you wanna get drunk?

Elena: Stefan? Health ensurance?

Stefan: Yeah.

Point is to start over.

Pretend to be as human as possible.

Elena: Okay so no vampire previliges, no bagage, nothing from our old lifes whatsover, huh? (She points at Stefan's car.)

What's this?

Stefan: You got me there.

Damon isn't around calling it granny -mobile, so ...

Elena: Yeah, your brother really did love to torture people with nicknames.

And just torture people.

Stefan: That's one way to put it.

Elena: So, your system for moving on requires both burning bridge and a dead -end -Job. Stefan: We haven't even gone for the fun part.

Elena: Paying utilities?

Stefan: No. Deciding we wanna be for the next thirty years.

You wanna be an astronaut, you wanna be an olympic athlete, you wanna skip med school - boom, you're a doctor!


Challenge me.

I show you how it's done.

Elena: Alright, Let see what you got.

Stefan: Okay.



Jo: Quite a boozer, that kid.

Put him on a saline drip he's lucky I didn't pump his stomach.

Alaric: Yeah, you know, he's had a rough couple months.

Jo: Did you bring him in here to put a Band –

Aid on it and make some more excuses?

Alaric: No, I acutally came here for some advice from a professional.

Jo: Well, a kick in the ass might help.

Jeremy too.


If he's anything like his sister, I'm sure he'll be fine.

It's nothing I don't treat every single night on campus or didn't do myself when I was a student.


Alaric: Okay.

Jo: What about you?

Born a party animal?

Alaric: Oh, yeah, yeah.

I used to get kicked out library all the time, you know.

Because it was closing.

Jo: Right.

Head in a Wiccan bible?

( There's a boy with blood on his face next to them. Alaric smells the blood and tries not to show his vampire face. )

Jo: Okay, one more piece of professional advice: When a successfull, sexy and only moderatly insecure doctor is flirting with you, give her your undivided attention.


[ A BAR ]

Elena: Caroline's laying low at the dorm, no sign of Sarah yet, which means she's either hiding out or she's planning her nightly news exclusive to out me.

Stefan: Well, if she does out you then you start your life over somewhere else.

With all the supernatural drunks.

Elena: Right.

Stefan: So, you're ready to see the system in action?

Elena: Ready.

Stefan: Alright.

Hand over your ring.

Elena: What?

Stefan: Your ring.

Elena: Okay.

(Hands him the ring)

( Stefan knees down in front of her, holding up the ring. )

Stefan: Elena Williams.

Elena (playing along): Stefan Cooper, what are you doing?

Stefan: We'd known each other for a very long time now.

And you've always been my best friend.

I've always loved you.

And I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.

Will you –

Elena: Wait!

You're not just proposing to me because I'm pregnant, are you?

Stefan: No.


I -I am proposing to you because you are my rock, ok?

You have stood by my side through the multiple rehabs, the jail time, the bull fighting injury. I mean, you have brought me back from the edge, and, sweetheart, this baby is the best thing that ever happened to us.

Will you marry me?

Elena (with tears of joy in her eyes): Yes.

( The people in the bar start applauding and Elena and Stefan hug. )

Stefan (whipsering in Elenas ear): New identities, new lives, it's easy.

(speaking up)

Thank you all so much!



( Bonnie is doing a locator spell. )

Bonnie: It doesn't feel right.

Maybe I need a bigger map.

Damon: Maybe you started practising, you suck at magic now.

Kai: Ignore him, Bonnie.

Pretend he's a white noise machine.

That's how I used to tune out my siblings.

I grew up with a ton of little sisters and brothers, you know, all of them constantly yammering.

(He comes closer to Bonnie.)

But it tought me how to focus.

(He looks like he's about to kiss her.)

Damon: Easy there, big brother!

She doesn't know you.

At least buy her a drink.



Damon: May I call you Liz?

Liz: Sure.

Damon: Your daughter is so adorable

Liz: Yeah.

Caroline's high maintenance, but she's worth it.

( Near them, Zach is taking a picture of Gail. )

Gail: I'm so getting rid of that photo!

Stefan, come, take a picture of Zach and me.

Stefan: Sure.

Zach: Thanks.

( Stefan takes the picture. )

Gail: And now back to my cravings.

Stefan: Hey, what happened to your wrist?

Gail: I don't know.

( Back at Liz and Damon. )

Liz: So how does this thing help us watch the eclipse?

Damon: You put it between you and the thing that is too hot to look.

(He puts it between Liz and himself.)

Ah, it works.

Liz (laughing): My husband will get to kick out you.

We should you invite to dinner sometime.

Stefan: Damon?

What did you do to Gail?

Liz: Is everything okay?

Damon: Looks like the jig is up.

(Compelling Liz)

Hey. Look at me.

Go home.

Forget you ever met us.

Stefan: How the hell did you feed on Gail?

She's on vervain.

Damon: Yeah, in her coffee.

I swapped it out last week.

Same for Zach.

Stefan: These people are my friends.

Zach is family.

They trust me.

Damon: They trust us both!

Look, no feeding inside the house, right?

Snatch, eat, erase.

It's all completely functional, Stefan.

I told you: soon start!

( Stefan snaps Damon's neck. )



( Bonnie is still working on the spell - now with a map of the whole States. )

Kai: The spell's leading to South Virginia.

That can't be right.

Bonnie: M -m, the spell's working.

Showing we're in Mystic Falls.

It feels so close.

(The candles are beaming.)

It's right here.

(As she touches Kai's chest, the candles go out.)

Kai: Very good.

Bonnie: That's the ascendent?

Kai: The one and only.

Damon: Thanks for the mind games, jackass.

Kai: It was just another little test.

To make sure Bonnies magic was presice enough for the spell.

I do believe, you're ready.

Pack your bags - we're going home.





( Damon lies on the floor moaning. )

Stefan: So here's what I don't get, Damon.

Why'd you insinuate yourself back into my life and then cheat and lie and break all the rules? Damon: Well, because I may be mad.

Believe me or not, I like being here, Stefan.

( Damon stands up and tumbles in Stefan's direction. As he comes in contact with the sun light, his hand starts burning. )

Stefan: You get your daylight ring back, when you decide to behave.

Now, answer my question: Why did you come back here?

Damon: Because I missed my brother.

I don't have a connection to my humanity, Stefan.

I wanted to feel something again.

And when I came back home, it all came rushing back, just like I hoped it would.

Stefan: Congrats.

Now what?

Damon: Come on, man.

Let's just hit the road, you and me.


I'll let you drive my car, I'll get you off this vegan diet, teach you how to feed again.

It'll be great, Stef.


What do you say?

Come on!

Trust me.

Stefan: Uh, I can imagine a road trip with you.

I can imagine you feeding on innocent people and uh leaving a trail of bodies behind.

I can image you making me drink human blood and laughing at my while i suffer.

Damon: Way to be an optimist, Stefan.

Stefan: Just looking at the facts, Damon.

1912 you convinced me to drink human blood again which is why I became a ripper.

1942 you almost pushed me out the rails again, because you were so damn needy.

1977 you left my best friend to die, after I sent her to come help you.

And now I'm finally happy.

I have a new life and doing well and you just can't handle that, can you, Damon?

Damon: I'm not trying to screw up your damn new life.

Stefan: You don't have to try, Damon.

All you have to do is exist.

Because no matter what I do or where I go, you will be with me forever, trying to destroy every single thing that I build.

I don't know why I thought this time would be any different.

I wanted it to be different.

You just keep failing.

Damon: Guess that's a no on the road trip, huh?

Stefan: That's a NO on the road trip.


[ BAR ]

Elena: So according to Caroline, Sarah's still M.I.A. and now Enzo's missing.

Stefan: Probably out, killing someone else's girlfriend.

( When Elena is about to drink some beer, Stefan stops her. )

Stefan: Hey, hey, pregnant, remember?

Elena: Dumbest lie I've ever told.

Can I just take that one back?

Stefan: No, but you'll have to reinvent yourself in 30 years.

If you don't, people will start asking why you're not getting any older.

Elena: But when I first met you, you said you'd been away from Mystic Falls for 15 years. What made you come back at half the schedule?

Stefan: You said it yourself: I met you.

Since 1864 I have been a carpenter, an ambulance driver, immigrant worker, high school student.

Elena: So then why auto mechanic for 200 bucks a week?

Stefan: No reason.

Elena: Yeah, it must be hard.

All that change without a constantly life.

We haven't talked about your brother.

Stefan: We are to refer that Damon is just my brother?

Elena: What else would I call him?

Stefan: I don't even know anymore.

Elena: Anymore?

What does that mean?

Stefan: You know, it's ... uh ... it's not important.

Things change, right?

(He rises his glas)

To change.

Elena: Who cares what do people think, right?

To change.



Damon: You are wandering around like a crazy man, why?

Kai: Looking for the exact right spot.

We need to found where the power of the eclipse is focused.

Bonnie: You know you could have just shown us the Ascendent to begin with.

Kai: Yeah, but I wanted to feel your hand on my chest.

Bonnie: There's something not right about him.

Damon: You're just not used to guys hitting on you.

Bonnie: You know I can't wait to get out of here and talk to somebody else.

Damon: Can we just have a few lasting seconds of peace while this idiot uses that thing to get the stars to align?

( Bonnie picks up one of the paper planes, Damon made earlier, unfolds it and looks at it sceptical. )

Damon: Hey, what's up with the nature walk?

Kai: I used the Ascendent to figure out where we need to be standing during the eclipse. Damon: Great.

Let's do some magic and get the hell out of here.

Bonnie: (whispering) Oregon.

Damon: What?

Bonnie: I read this paper like a thousand times and something in it about Oregon.

Damon: What about it?

Bonnie: You know Kai said he had all this brothers and sisters.

Damon: Mhm.

Bonnie: Family massacred in Portland.

The only one missing was the oldest boy, 22 year old named Malakai.

Kai: Who names a kid Malakai?

It's like they expected me to be evil.

Bonnie: All these kids were murdered!

Kai: Hello!

Not everyone died.

I had a soft spot for one of my sisters.

Cuz otherwise I would've cut her lungs out.

And not just her spleen.

Bonnie: What?

Kai: You can survive without a spleen.

Damon: Something tells me you're not speaking high pathetically.

Kai: Well, these two, I, uh, hung off a stairwell railing.

Then I put a hunting knife in her abdomen, and him I drowned in the pool.

He kept fighting me.

I was like, "I saved you for last, you ungrateful little..."Anyway, that was that.

Bonnie: You just killed your whole family?

Kai: Coven, to be precise.

Oh, you know, family of witches.

Damon: You're making a jump to whoops and you're a witch.

Kai: Sort of, yeah.

No powers, obviously.

Oh, and of course, Gemini Coven did not take it too well what I did in Portland.

So they banished me here.

Bonnie: (to Damon) This place is a prison.

(to Kai)

They created it for you.

Kai: Yep. This place isn't your hell, Damon. It's mine.





( Alaric and Jeremy are fighting. )

Jeremy: You call this a fair fight?

You're basically an Original Vampire.

Alaric: You've killed an Original before.

Focus your head in the game and maybe keep it out of the bottle.

( Jeremy throws Alaric to the ground. )

Jeremy: Happy?

Alaric: I'm trying to help you pull yourself together, Jeremy.

Now what is your problem?

Jeremy: My problem is that everyone thinks I shouldn't have one.

I have the right to be myself right now.

Bonnie is dead.

She knew it was gonna happening and she said goodbye over the phone!

Just so you –

Alaric: Keep going so what?

So I can come back to life, right?

Jeremy: You, Elena, Stefan, Tyler, Enzo.

She saved everybody but herself!

Alaric: You wanna talk about resentment, huh?

Is that it?

My wife ran away, because she would rather be a vampire than be married to me.

Came to find out it was Damon who turned her.

And then she died.

And then Jenna - she died.

And then I died.

And then the guy who killed my wife died.

And I actually kinda miss him.

And now I can't even talk to a girl without fantasising biting into her neck.

I mean, Jeremy, I have resentment for years, YEARS!

I get it.


But I find a way to keep going.

Because that's what we do: We find a way TO KEEP GOING!


( They go on fighting. )


[ BAR ]

Elena: So, if we were to run into each other in some random town in 30 years, do we pretend like we're strangers?

Stefan: Elena, I'm avoiding Mystic Falls, not you.

We can talk, we can visit.

( They hug. )

Elena: Bye, Stefan.

Stefan: Bye

( Elena leaves. Stefan talks to a guy sitting on the bar. )

Stefan: Hey, man.

Noticed you weren't celebrating my engagement.

How come?

Guy: Hard to be happy for the guy who put my brother in a hospital?

Stefan: Oh, right, right, right, okay.

Remind me, which guy was it?

Broken nose or fractured arm?

I was kinda drunk.

Still waiting for the congrats on my engagement.

(He grabs the guys cheeks to make it seem like he is speaking.)

I'm really happy for you.

( The Guy grabbs a glas from the bar and hits it against Stefan's head. )

Stefan: Don't know what you got.

Come on Come on, man.

Hit me.

Come on.

( They start fighting )

Guy: You're freaking enjoying this, you sick freak?

( Elena re-appears )

Elena (compelling the guy): Go home, clean up and forget this ever happened.

(to Stefan): What the hell are you doing?



Bonnie: I'm not letting Kai out of here, okay?

He just said, he's a serial killer.

Damon: I don't care.

I wanna get out of here.

Bonnie: How can you not care?

Maybe because of the horrible things you have done?

Maybe cause killing a bunge of kids is not a big deal to someone who has murdered a pregnant woman?

Am I wrong?


Stefan (to Zach): Did you leave the door open?

Zach: No.


( Screaming is heard. They found Damon, surrounded by dead bodies, holding a scared Gail in his hands. )

Damon: This eclipse party blows.

I didn't see the sun at all when I made it across the yard.

I forgot how much stronger we are when we drink human blood.

Gail (scared): Zach.

Stefan: Damon, please don't hurt her.

Damon: I want my ring back, Stefan.

(Stefan throws the ring to Damon.)


Stefan: I'm never gonna be right at you, am I?

Damon: No.

I do not.

Cause in 1912 I showed you who you were, Stefan.

In 1942 I gave you your freedom and in 1977 I almost killed your best friend because it should have been you there to help me, Stefan.

You owe me and it'll take you an eternity to pay me back.

( Damon kills Gail. )

Damon: An eternity of misery, brother.

Just like the promise.



Kai: Ouch.

Poor nephew -uncle Zach.

Damon: Stefan compelled uncle Zach to forget about the girlfriend and the baby.

But he couldn't cover up all those murders.

Founder's council was restarted and Stefan took off, left Mystic Falls for about 15 years.

We both did.

And when I saw uncle Zach again, I couldn't look at him without remembering that I ruined everything.

So it was a releave when I got to kill him.

Can we go back now?

Kai: Oh, come on, Bonnie.

You wanna go home to your friends, I wanna go back and give the rest of the Gemini coven an excruciating death.

Win -win.

Damon: Look, Bonnie, but I gotta get back.

Not just for Elena, but for my brother.

Bonnie: Sorry, Damon.

Kai: Sorry doesn't work for me.

( He is about to grab Bonnie, when instead Damon grabs him)

Damon: We may be having a bit of an disagreement, but don't ever lay a hand on her.

Kai: Kind of a non-issue now.

Missed today's eclipse.

Rain check for tomorrow.

Bonnie: No.



Matt: You and the Sheriff.

Don't seem to get along.

Tripp: Oh.

Liz and my wife were high-school rivals, some issue about who was captain of the field hockey team.

Matt: You were married?

Tripp: I was.

Yeah, Chris died in a car accident.

Matt: Sorry.

Tripp: So I left Mystic Falls.

Too many memories.

Matt: So what did you tell the Sheriff about Jay?

Tripp: Just what I saw.

Uh, tons of blood.

Probably a mountain lion.

Matt: Just another animal attack, huh?

Tripp: You sound awful.

Matt: This is gonna sound weird.

But last night Jay told me that he was tracking a vampire.

I mean that's crazy, right?

Tripp: I'm gonna show you something.


[ BAR ]

Stefan: I thought you agreed to leave.

Elena: I forgot my jacket, Stefan.

What happened with that guy?

Stefan: Told you I have a system.

Elena: Letting somebody kick your ass ... so that you can feel?

Stefan: You are the last person who should be lecturing me on coping mechanisms.

Elena: You're not alone in your grief, Stefan.

I lost Bonnie when you lost Damon.

But I fought through it.

Stefan: All by yourself.

Elena: Yes.

And it was hard.

I know that you're pushing me away because I never liked Damon.

Stefan: Believe me, that's not what it is.

Elena: I know that he's your brother, i get it.

But why inflict so much pain to yourself for such a hateful person?

I mean, he doesn't deserve your grief.

I mean, there's gotta be another way so you can move on.

Stefan: I'm sorry that I can't just forget him like you, Elena. Elena: No one's forgetting him. Stefan: You are.

You erased him.

Elena: What are you talking about?

Stefan: You had Alaric compell you to forget every good thing that Damon ever did.

You made him a monster in your own mind because you couldn't handle the grief of losing him.

Elena: I don't believe anyhting that you're saying.

Why would I do that?

Stefan: Because you were in love with him and he was in love with you.

And when Damon died, a part of you died too.

Elena: Wow.




Stefan ... how can I possibly love Damon?

Stefan: Believe me, I asked myself that for a very long time.

And eventually I saw it.

Damon inspired you.

He pushed you to own the darkest parts of yourself.

And when you died, he was the only one that could made you feel alive again.

And you made him feel human.

You loved Damon for the same reasons that I loved Damon.

Because in spite of every single thing he did, we couldn't live without him.

Now you don't have to - but I do. So, I do it my way.

You do it yours.

( Elena stares at him speechless. )





Matt: What is this place?

Tripp: A secret.

A secret I only share with people I trust.

Remeber the gas leak in town over the summer?

Well, I came back to make sure my grandmother was ok.

First time I've been back in years.

When I crossed town boarder, something changed.

Memories came flooding back.

And I realised, that my wife didn't die in a car accident.

She was murdered.

Drained of her blood right in front of me.

And the killer made me believe, I was responsible.

And I found out what kind of monster could do all that.

( Tripp opens a door. Enzo is sitting on the ground chained. )

Tripp: They are real, and one murdered my wife, but this is the one who murdered Jay, and I'm gonna get him to name all his vampire buddies, starting with the one who bit your friend Sarah.



Jeremy: Sarah?

Sarah: You try anything and I call 911 and out your vampire sister to the world.

Jeremy: Just take it easy.

What do you want?

Sarah: Answers.

I found this

(she shows him a picture)

when I was tossing the house last night.

That's my mum.

And the reason I know this is because I've had this

(she shows him another picture)

since I was a baby.

My mum was a Jane Doe Her body was still warm and entered the hospital six months pregnant.

But one doctor did an emergency C -section and I survived.

Three months in an incubator.

They didn't know who my dad was.

And neither did I.

But then I found this

(she shows him another picture. Jeremy takes it.).

Jeremy: Your dad is Zach Salvatore.

Elena: How could you obliterate an entire chapter of my life?

Alaric: Look Elena, as much is I'd like to think that I am full of wisdom, I think it's time we stop pretending that I actually know what's best, okay?

Look, I've got my own issues to solve right now and I think that this will explain it much better than I can.

(He hands Elena a little blue book.)

Elena (reading out loud): Dear me, if you're reading this than somebody spilled the beans about your selective memory loss.

My mind is on Caroline.

Yes, you loved Damon.

You loved him with a passion that consumed you.

And then when Damon died, the void you feeled was too deep, too dark.

Facing an eternity without your soulmate you went of the deep end.

You turned into someone that you weren't.

A monster.

Alaric will restore your last memories - all you have to do is ask.

But I hope that you don't.

I tried it the other way and I didn't see an end to the pain.

I want you to rediscover yourself in absence of who defined you.

If you feel any hope for the future at all, then you're already better off.

You've been given a chance to start over.

I want you to take it. I want you to be happy.

Alaric: So, what do you want me to do?

Elena (hands him the book): Can you hold on to that?

And keep it save in case I ever need to read it again.




Damon: Shame eating?

Bonnie: Thinking about that pregnant Lady.

She had a thing for pancakes.

Damon: That's what you remember?

Bonnie: You remember it, don't you?

You make pancakes every day.

Damon: Cuase I'm bored.

Bonnie: No.

Cause you're punishing yourself.

You call this place your hell and it makes you feel remorse.

That makes you different from Kai.

There is hope for you.

Damon: Look.

We can still get out of here, Bonnie.

We can just steal that ascendant contraption, find out what Kai knows.

We'll ditch him.

Because he ain't got powers anyway.

Kai (suddenly appearing at the door): Actually it's not that simple.

Damon: You gotta stop doing that, creepy.

Kai: Here's a thing: I have a killer effect on magic.

I can't generate it myself.

But I can consume it from others temporarely.

My family callled me an abomination.

That hurt my feelings.

( He grabs Bonnie's wrist. Bonnie and Damon start moaning in pain and the stove catches fire. )

Damon: Okay, get it!

Kai: You can see why my coven and I didn't get along.

Damon: I smell an ultimatum.

Kai: If I consume all of Bonnie's magic I'm just gonna end up killing her.

But if we work together, we can all go home as friends.

Or I can develop her magic, kill you both and go home alone.

What's it gonna be?

( He sits down at the table and starts eating the pancakes. )



( Stefan's working on his car. Someone's watching him. He turns around, but can't see anyone. )

Stefan: Hello?

( He goes on being concerned with the car. A person enters the garage. Stefan turns around again. The person is revealed to be Ivy, her face full of blood. )

Stefan: Ivy.

Ivy: Stefan. I don't feel so good. Your friend Enzo drink his blood and now I'm so thirsty.




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