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#606 : Je t'aime, moi non plus

Écrit par :  Chad Fiveash et James Stoteraux
Réalisé par :  Garreth Stover

UN SAUVETAGE DANS LA NUIT – Quand Alaric se rend compte que Jo ne peut pas être hypnotisée, il demande à Elena de fouiller dans son passé. Après avoir appris que Enzo a été capturé par Tripp, Caroline fait équipe avec Matt et Stefan afin de le secourir avant que Tripp ne s'aperçoive de leurs vrais identités. Armée de quelques nouvelles informations sur son passé, Sarah s'introduit dans le bureau de Tripp et est surprise lorsqu'elle y trouve Matt faisant ses propres recherches. Pendant ce temps, Elena est obligée de faire face aux conséquences de ses actes, et Jeremy touche le fond, s'emportant d'une manière destructive. Enfin, Damon est déterminé à prendre les choses en mains quand il reçoit des nouvelles bouleversantes.  

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Titre VO
The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get

Titre VF
Je t'aime, moi non plus

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Previously on "The Vampire Diaries"...

Elena: Damon is gone.

I want you to compel me to forget that I ever loved him.

Who is Damon Salvatore?

He's a monster.

To get home, we'll harness the power of the eclipse using a mystical relic.


[Dart gun fires]

Tripp: Vampires murdered my wife.

I'm gonna get him to name all his vampire buddies.

Need any help?

[Dart gun fires]

If even just a small, little part of you came back to check on me, then stay.

Stefan: Not doing so great, Damon.

I'm lost, brother.

It's kind of a long story, brother, but I'm back.

[ Tripp's Van ]

( Tripp drives down the dark winding road toward Mystic Falls with three vampires in the back of his van, one of them is Ivy and she is in a full panic; crying and begging Tripp to release her. )

Ivy: Please just let me go!

Tripp: I know this may seem a little barbaric.

(he says calmly as she cries desperately pulling on the chains)

I promise you it's nothing personal.

(the other two vampires in the back also try to get free).

Ivy: Why are you doing this?

Tripp: It's a longer story then we have time for but trust me you don't want this life.

If you even call it that.

(He says, turning up the radio)

Ivy: Come on, come on.

(she pulls at the chains)

Come on, come on!

(they loosen, but she runs out of time)

( Tripp's van passes the sign reading "Welcome to Mystic Falls" and the vampires are immediately affected. One vampire's throat is slashed, blood pours from his mouth as he grabs frantically at his throat reliving his death. )

Ivy: (panicked) What is heappening?

(She screams in horror)

What is happening!?

( The other vampire is shot through the head; she screams and then her neck snaps. Tripp closes the window which allows him to see in the back of the van. He continues driving through Mystic Falls with three dead vampires. )


[ Salvatore Mausoleum ]

( In the Salvatore Mausoleum the scene picks up with Damon and Stefan hugging. )

Damon: I missed you too buddy.

Stefan: I can't believe it.

(they pull apart)

I thought you were gone.

Damon: Well you didn't think I was gone-gone.

I promised you an eternity of misery.


(he smiles)


[ Whitmore Dorm Room ]

( Elena paces in front of Caroline who sits on her bed; Elena has her arms folded and she is not happy. )

Elena: He's back?

(Caroline nods)


(she asks confused)

Caroline: I don't know, honestly everything Stefan said after "Damon's back" is kind of a blur.

Elena: What about Bonnie?

(She asks hopeful)


[ Salvatore Mausoleum ]

Damon: She sacrificed herself so I could come back but I don't want anyone to know.

No sense making this harder than it already is.

Stefan: What are we going to tell people?


[ Whitmore Dorm Room ]

Caroline: (quietly) He said she wasn't over there.

Elena: Where is there exactly?


[ Salvatore Mausoleum ]

Stefan: (confused) Mystic Falls?


Damon: I know.

A bunch of witches were going to get together and create some space time purgatory you'd think they'd pick a better year than the one Kurt Cobain killed himself in.

The whole thing was just very depressing.

(he takes a swig from the bottle of Bourbon).

Stefan: So how did you get back?

Damon: Long story, big flash of light.

Two decades worth of jet lag.

I will explain all of my adventures in that flannel hellscape, but first, there's someone I got to go see.

(he says grasping Stefan's shoulders then walks past him).


[ Whitmore-Alaric's Office ]

( Elena stands in front of Alaric with her arms folded )

Elena: I don't want to see him.

Alaric: (sigh) I get it, but that's how you feel now, Elena.

If you thought there was even a chance you'd see Damon again you would have never asked me to compel away your memories of loving him.


[ Salvatore Mausoleum ]

( Damon stops in front of the doors of the Mausoleum and turns to face Stefan, shocked ) Damon: She did what?

Stefan: She had Alaric do it.


[ Whitmore-Alaric's Office ]


(he yells)

Elena: You're unkillable.

(she replies calmly)

Alaric: Doesn't mean he won't try.

Elena: What do you think is going to happen when I do see him?


[ Salvatore Mausoleum ]

Damon: I just need to see her Stefan.

Our eyes will meet, fireworks will go off, and the balance of nature will be restored.

She loves me!


[ Whitmore-Alaric's Office ]

Elena: He's a psychotic killer!

Alaric: You only feel that way because I erased all the good parts.

Elena: I don't see anything that could balance out the bad.

Promise me you won't lift the compulsion.

(Alaric sighs)

Promise me!

Alaric: I won't, Ok, not until you ask me to.

Elena: Thank you.

Alaric: But, Elena, I hope you ask me.

Elena: I have to go.

I have a shift at the hospital.

Alaric: Since when?

Elena: Since Damon came back and I'm trying desperately to avoid him.

Alaric: Fine, but if you're avoiding people, add Jo to your list.

(Elena looks at him confused)

I compelled her to forget our date the other night and it didn't take.

Elena: What do you mean it didn't take?

Alaric: Well, either she's on Vervain or there's some other reason, but she can't be compelled. So see if you can find out why.

Elena: Ok.


I will.

Will you call Jeremy?

I had to tell him about Bonnie over the phone.

You can imagine how that went.


[ Salvatore Boarding House ]

( Jeremy is in a rush to leave as he grabs his phone and keys off the kitchen table. Sarah walks into the room. )

Sarah: Where are you going?

Jeremy: Out.

(he replies coldly walking past her)

Sarah: You promised me you'd help me track down my relatives.

Jeremy: Just...later...Ok.

Sarah: Jeremy, you can't just say, "Zach Salvatore was your dad too bad he's dead" and then, "peace out."

Jeremy: I can't do this right now!

Sarah: What is so urgent to make you finally unglue your ass from the couch?

I know it's not school.

It's not work.

If it's another girl, I'd shower first.

Jeremy: I just need to get out of here.

(he leaves)


[ Tripp's Cabin, Woods ]

(Enzo sits on the floor still chained up; the door opens and Matt enters.)

Enzo: Oh Tripp's errand boy returns.

( Matt laughs sarcastically and walks toward Enzo with a cup of blood bending down in front of him he purposely spills some of the blood from the small glass on the floor. )

Matt: Ooh, my bad.

Enzo: Heh.

That's all right, mate.

Just lean in and I'll take it right from the tap.

(Matt hands him the glass to which Enzo drinks)

Matt: I'll pass.

Enzo: Yeah come on I'm gonna need my strength back for when you help me escape.

Matt: Sorry.

If Stefan turned you in I'm guessing you deserved it.

Enzo: When did Stefan's moral compass become the new true north?

Wasn't he the one who scurried off to some poxy, little town while he let everyone believe he was still searching for his brother?

Not exactly the hero move, if you ask me.

Matt: Still I think the general population is safer with you in here.

Enzo: Yeah.

Probably right, well except for Elena...Stefan, Caroline, You.

Whatdo you think would happen if I were to tell your boss about known vampires and their...groupies?

( The door opens, Matt turns to see Tripp entering )

Tripp: Well, Savannah was a waste of gas.

Minus a few blood bags, the house you told us about was empty.

Enzo: Odd.

Must have smelled you coming.

Tripp: Hmm, would have been a total bust, except I happened upon a girl that fit the description that you gave me.

That was near Whitmore. 500 miles from where you said she was gonna be.

(He pulls out a phone and shows Enzo a photo of a girl)

Is this Ivy?

Enzo: That's the one.

Tripp: So I give you today to conjure up the location of your vampire friends, or you and I are gonna go sightseeing in Mystic Falls.

(He leaves and Enzo glares at Matt; Matt turns away from Enzo following Tripp out, closing the door behind him).


[ Whitmore-Alaric's Office ]

( Alaric is behind his desk, Matt sits in a chair across from him as Caroline stands there with her arms folded scolding Matt. )

Caroline: Why didn't you tell us Enzo has been locked up this whole time?

Matt: Honestly, I didn't know anybody was missing him.

Caroline: Matt!

Matt: I'm sorry!

I was confused about which vampires we like and which ones we don't!

Caroline: Ok.

Well, what about Ivy?

Is she there, too?

Matt: Tripp drove her and two others across the border last night.

Caroline: (sigh) Oh, God.

Alaric: Well do you know where Tripp is now.

(Caroline sits down next to Matt)

Matt: He's running down another lead but he didn't tell me what it was.

Alaric: Well can you find out?

We need to know who his next target is.

Matt: If Enzo talks it'll be you guys.

Caroline: Well that's not going to happen because we're busting him out, right, and if for no other reason than so I can kick his ass for getting caught in the first place.

Alaric: You have any idea how he managed to get his hands on him?

(Stefan enters the office)

Stefan: He didn't.

I turned him in.

(Caroline and Alaric stare at Stefan, disbelieving)


[ Whitmore-Dorm Room ]

( Elena is getting her bag ready for the hospital; she puts her red shirt in the bag when there is a knock at the door. She turns and walks toward the door. )

Elena: Who is it?

(she asks with her hand on the door knob)

Damon: (he says softly, she immediately pulls her hand away stopping herself from opening the door) I just wanted to talk.

(we see Damon on the other side of the door)

Elena: I can't, not now.

Damon: (sigh) Look.

I know why you did what you did.

It's not real.

You know what's real?

The way you felt for me.

You once told me it was the most real thing you ever felt in your life.

Elena: Those feelings are gone.

Damon: Oh, come on, Elena.

You've compelled enough people to know it's just a way of covering the truth and no matter how badly you want it done, it doesn't make it any less of a lie, you know.

(She slowly reaches for the door knob)

Oh, I hear you breathing.

(she gasps, pulling away)

You have no idea how long I've wanted to hear you breathe.

(She sighs and puts her hand on the door, from Damon's side he loops up and copies this motion putting his hand where her hand is)

Just open the door, Elena.

Everything can go back to the way it was.

(She pulls her hand away and he jiggles the door knob)


(sigh, he leans his head against the door)

Just open the door, Elena, please...or, at the very least, step aside because I'm gonna kick this door in.

(She unlocks the door, Damon hears it click. He turns the knob, she stands there for a moment but by the time he pushes the door open she has vamp sped out the window. He looks around to an empty room and the white curtains blowing in the breeze).


[ Whitmore College, North Campus ]

( Stefan is on his cell phone with Elena as he walks across the Quad. )

Stefan: You seriously jumped out of a window?

What if somebody saw you?

Elena: I know, I know.

I panicked.

I don't know.

(she says pacing back and forth in the hospital hallway)

Stefan: Look.

He's been trapped over there alone for months.

He just wants to see you.

Elena: Look.

I get how I'm supposed to feel, but I know how I actually feel and I'm happy now.

What if I look at him and my old feelings break through the compulsion.

Stefan: Well, they won't, but even if they did, is that such a bad thing?

Elena: (sigh) Yeah.

I started over just like you did, Ok?

I made a smart choice for myself and for my future.

Stefan, I kissed Liam last night.

Stefan: (groans) Oh, please forget that you told me that and definitely do not tell Damon that. Elena: Because he's gonna kill him right just like he killed my brother!

Stefan: I was gonna say because he'll be heartbroken.

Listen what do you want to do?

I mean, you have to see him eventually.

Elena: I know, but I just don't think eventually can be today, all right?

(Elena spots Jo walking forward and putting her cup of coffee on a cart just outside a hospital room)

I'm not...I'm just not..ready.

(Jo looks at some X-Rays and then enters the room)

I got to go.

(she hangs up, shoves the phone in her pocket and quickly walks toward the cart, lifting the lid off the coffee she drinks it quickly; surprised that there is no Vervain in it. Jo comes out of the room and Elena quickly puts the coffee back).

Jo: Elena.

Elena: Hey.

Jo: I didn't think you were here today.

Elena: Yeah.


I changed my schedule around.

Jo: (sipping her coffee) Okay.

Follow me.


[ Tripp's Office ]

( Matt sits at Tripp's desk, using his computer he types the word vampires into the search bar. No Files Found. He tries again with Mystic Falls Deaths, again No Files Found. The door opens and he quickly tries to hide what he is doing but it turns out to be Sarah. )

Matt: (surprised) Sarah?

What are you doing?

Sarah: Could ask you the same question.

Matt: (closing the computer lid) You can't be in here.

Sarah: From the look on your face you're downloading p0rn or you're not supposed to be here, either.

What are you doing in Tripp's office?

Matt: What do you want?

Sarah: Information on some people who used to live here.

(she says looking at some of the cabinets)

You know anything about the Salvatore's?

Matt: Not really.

Sarah: Well, according to Jeremy, Zach Salvatore was my dad.

(Matt is surprised).

He supposedly died from an animal attack, and coincidentally so did my mom but I've been paying attention.

I know what that's code for, and your boss seems to know a lot about homicidal wildlife, so... Matt: So you thought breaking in here was a good idea.

Sarah: Guess we have that in common.

Now, either you help me or start coming up with a good lie when I tell your boss you were snooping.

Matt: Animal attacks are filed over there.

(he says indicating a cabinet behind her)


[ Whitmore-Alaric's Office ]

( Alaric enters his office to see Damon sitting in his chair with his feet propped up on his desk with a bottle of Bourbon and two glasses in front of him. )

Damon: Professor Saltzman.

What, you coudn't compel yourself a PH.D?

(he asks, pouring a glass of Bourbon)

Alaric: I can't believe your back.

Damon: I am...heh.

(he slides the glass to Ric)

Alaric: the hell are you?

(he asks sitting in the chair across from Damon)

Damon: Well let's see Ric...I clawed my way out of some retro pocket universe only to find that I needed to compel myself a new change of clothes because this antimagic hamster ball is keeping me from going home, and then I find out that my best friend rather than doing anything about it decided that it was the best use of his time to compel my beautiful and lovely girlfriend to forget that she ever loved me...Heh...I'm great...Ric...Thanks for asking. (he says sarcastically and drinks his Bourbon)

Alaric: Look, Damon...

Damon: (cutting him off) I know she was a train wreck without me but a full mind erase, seriously?

Alaric: She loved you too much, and it was killing her.

Damon: Well, I'm flattered, but I'm back,

(he takes his feet off the desk quickly and leans toward Ric)

so let's get this uncompulsion on the books huh.

Alaric: Fine, as soon as Elena tells me that's what she wants.

Damon: Right.

Here's the thing she's not gonna want to be uncompelled

(he gets up and walks toward Alaric)

if she can't remember why she'd want to be uncompelled mmm-mmm chicken, egg.

(he says holding his glass of Bourbon is one hand and nothing in the other, weighing the options)

Alaric: I know, and I'm sorry.

Damon: Sorry?

She won't even see me, Ric.

Alaric: I get it, Damon but she's happy, and I'm not gonna take that away from her until she asks me to.

Damon: It's not like I don't want Elena to be happy.

(he says finishing his Bourbon)

I just want her to be happy with me.

(he says pointing to himself, but Alaric won't budge on the subject)


(He slams the glass down on the table and walks past Ric; stops then goes back for the bottle of Bourbon and leaves)


[ Woods ]

( Stefan and Caroline walk through the woods toward Tripp's Cabin; arguing, Caroline is angry with Stefan. )

Stefan: Look Enzo wasn't being careful Tripp would've caught him eventually and that meant danger for all of us.

Caroline: Right so you handed Enzo over so we wouldn't be targeted and now you're rescuing him so we won't be targeted.

Way to go.

(She says sarcastically)

Stefan: Well, I thought Tripp was gonna kill him. I didn't think he was going to keep him alive for information.

Caroline: Oh, Well, in that case, sounds like you were just being practical.

So did you rat out Ivy, too?

Stefan: What?

Caroline: Well, you didn't want to deal with her anymore, you wanted her gone, and now she is.

You know what you really should write Tripp a thank-you note.

Stefan: Hold on a second Enzo turns Ivy right, a hunter kills her and yet I'm the bad guy?

I'm not the one threatening to turn in other vampires to save his own skin.

Caroline: The only one who turned in other vampires is you Stefan.

That's why you're helping.

Guilt for getting Damon's friend captured.

Stefan: Yeah.

Damon is my brother and I gave up on him first.

Enzo didn't so if rescuing his idiot friend is gonna somehow make it up to him that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

Caroline: Great.

Good for you.

Let me know when you figure out how you're gonna make everything up to me.

(She says as they arrive at Tripp's Cabin, Stefan's eyes widen as the door opens; he grabs Caroline and vamp speeds out of sight; hiding behind a crate in the yard)

( Two men come out of the cabin looking around suspiciously, they lock the door and leave. Stefan and Caroline share a brief look between one another. )

Caroline: Let's get in there.

(they get inside the cabin only to find it empty)

Well, where the hell is he?


[ Whitmore Hospital ]

( Elena follows Jo down the hospital hallway )

Elena: I like your bracelet.

What is it made of?

(she goes to touch it but Jo moves her hand away grabbing a chart and Elena pulls her hand back reaching behind her neck awkwardly)

Jo: No idea, while you're here can I get your opinion on something?

Elena: Sure yeah.

Jo: Female patient, blunt force trauma to the head, massive internal hemorrhaging, multiple bone fractures,

(she says opening the door to a patient room)

she was a victim at the corn maze.

(The room is empty)

Elena: Where is she?

Jo: Probably Freshman Lit.

Elena: I don't get it.

Jo: Neither do I.

See the patient was never admitted even with such extensive injuries.

Liam said you treated her at the scene.

That's a pretty good save for someone with half a semester of Pre-Med.

Elena: Yeah you know uhm I think Liam was exaggerating how bad off she was.

It was dark, and, yeah, there was a lot of blood...

Jo: (cutting her off) Don't! I know what Alaric is.

I know what you are.

If any more blood bags go missing.

I know who to come to.

(She closes the door and walks away leaving Elena there genuinely confused).


[ Whitmore-Dorm Room ]

( Damon is highly annoyed as he looks around Elena's dorm room there are several framed photos on the dresser and her desk of all of friends but nothing of Damon. )

Damon: Well, somebody was thorough.

(he drinks from the bottle of Bourbon and flips down the photo of Elena, Stefan and Caroline) No pictures of Damon anywhere.

(he picks up the photo of Elena at her graduation)


(he grabs a black sharpie off her desk and gets comfortable on her bed) Ooh. (he draws a stick figure of himself next to her)

It's kind of creepy, you just standing there all hulky and brooding.

(he says without looking up).

Jeremy: (in the doorway) Says the freak who's stalking my sister.

(Damon finishes his stick figure with two eyes, a smile and two fangs sticking out)

Damon: Technically, I'm lying in wait.

Jeremy: (coming in) Why didn't Bonnie come back?

(Damon doesn't answer)

Why didn't she come back?

Damon: Because she wasn't there.

It was just me.

Jeremy: (sitting on the bext next to Damon) You know I paid her cell bill so I could call her phone and hear her say the same six words every day?

Damon: Sounds good.

I'll give it a call.

Jeremy: Why?

She hated you.

Damon: Bonnie wasn't there with me Jeremy because she found peace.

She's in a a better place.


[ Whitmore Hospital ]

( Jo hands some files to another nurse as Elena comes up behind her. )

Elena: How did you know?

Jo: Besides not believing that you closed a penetrating abdominal trauma without so much as a first aid kit?

Pretty sure you weren't looking for stevia in my coffee.

With Alaric I wasn't 100% sure he tried to compel me, but then I remembered I have really crappy luck my in my love life so of course my hot, new teacher crush would be a vampire. Elena: So what are you?

Jo: Busy.

If you want to stick around

(she says walking past Elena)

there's food trays on the third floor that need clearing.

Elena: (following her) That's it?

You're gonna let me stay?

Jo: You saved that girl instead of feeding on her that's good enough for me.

Elena: You're not even afraid, not even fazed for that matter.

There's only one thing that can resist compulsion without needing Vergain, and that's a witch. (Jo nods slightly)

You're a witch.

Jo: How about I make you a deal.

You don't ask questions about me and I won't ask questions about you.

Elena: Deal.

Jo: Oh and you can tell Alaric if he wants to avoid a complicated relationship, he doesn't have to hide behind compulsion to do it.

(She says walking through a corridor, leaving Elena).


[ Tripp's Office ]

( Sarah is going through Tripp's files of all the animal attacks, showing some gruesome photos. )

Sarah: Maybe it was a good thing I didn't grow up here.

Matt: So where do you come from?

Sarah: Give me the year, and I'll give you the town and foster home.

(She says, she then tries to open a drawer on Tripp's desk which is locked)

Oh, good.

Wonder what's in here.

Matt: It's locked.

Sarah: Locked means important.

(she says breaking into the drawer)

Matt's cell phone vibrates, he pulls it out and answers it.

Matt: Hey Care, did you get him?

Caroline: No. Enzo is not here, any idea where Tripp might have taken him?

(Sarah gets the drawer open)

Besides the very obvious one?

(The drawer contains several wallets, some credit cards and a cell phone that Sarah takes out. )

Matt: Hang on, let me see that.

(he takes the phone and turns it on revealing a picture of Ivy on the wallpaper, he touches the recent calls icon which shows a missed call from Caroline Forbes)

Caroline, we have another problem Tripp has Ivy's phone.

Caroline: And?

I mean the guy is a murderer, petty theft isn't much of a stretch.

Matt: Yeah, but your name is at the top of the recent dialed list.

Caroline: Oh, my god, he knows what I am.

Matt: I'm guessing he knows where to find you.


[ Whitmore-Dorm Room ]

( Damon picks up a framed picture of Bonnie on the night stand beside her bed. He takes out his phone and calls her number; sitting down on her bed and looking at the photo the phone rings once and then her voicemail picks up. )

Bonnie (voicemail): It's Bonnie.

Leave me a message.


Damon: That's it?

That's your outgoing message.


I mean, the onetime I'm actively seeking the sound of your voice, that's all I get.



Anyway, I'm in your room, which is a lot less weird than it sounds but I just wanted to say that because of what you did for me today is the day I get to see Elena.

So thank you, and I'm sorry.

Other than that, I don't know what to say or what I'm supposed to say except that, defying all possible global scenarios, I might miss you a little bit.

(Damon's phone beeps; he is getting another call)

Ooh, hey, I got to go.

(He switches over to his other call)

So you didn't forget my number.

That's a good start.

Elena: (walking down the street) Yeah I figured that I'd press the Damon button and see what happened.

Damon: And what is happening?

Elena: I don't know. I don't even know what I'm doing.

I just... I'm thinking we should meet face to face.

I can't run from you forever so come by my dorm?

Damon: Yeah, yeah I'll be here... there; I'll be there, absolutely in a bit.

See you in a little bit.

Elena: Okay.

(she hangs up)

( Damon quickly gets up from Bonnie's bed and puts the picture back on the nightstand, cleaning up a little bit behind himsef then fixes his hair in the mirror. When the door opens... ) Damon: Well that was fast.

(he says turning only to see Tripp holding a Vervain gun)

( Damon vamps out at Tripp who pulls the trigger; Damon catches the Vervain dart in between his fingers and throws it bag at Tripp, hitting him in the knee. )

Tripp: (groans) Ah'

(he grabs at his knee)

( Tripp then tries to throw a stake at Damon, but he catches it and vamp speeds to Tripp holding him by the neck with the stake against his jaw. )

Damon: Who are you?

( From behind Damon, a dart gun fires into his back a couple of times. )

Damon: Uh!

(he groans, releasing Tripp to see two guys who have shot him, before he collapses and everything goes black).


[ Whitmore, Dorm Hallway ]

( Elena walks down the hallway toward her dorm room but becomes suspicious when she arrives to see the door partially opened. She pushes the door opened slowly; the room is empty but Damon's phone is on the floor and there are a few droplets of blood. )

Elena: Damon-


[ Whitmore-Alaric's Classroom ]

( Alaric is in his empty classroom packing up his bag while talking on the phone with Elena. ) Alaric: Elena calm down just find Caroline and get to Old Miller Road.

We'll get him back.

(He hangs up and leaves his classroom, locking the doors behind him then turns to face Jo who stands in front of him with her arms folded).

Jo: I had an interesting conversation with Elena.

Alaric: Yeah and I want to hear all about it just not right now.

Jo: What's the rush?

Occult studies emergency?

Alaric: Yeah, I have someplace I need to be so if you don't mind.

(He tries to pass her but she blocks his way)

Jo: Why don't you just compel me out of the way.

(Alaric sighs)

Look don't you think it's about time we level with each other.

Alaric: Okay how's this, my best friend, he just came back from the dear but now I have to save him from a vampire hunter before he is driven across an antimagic border and killed again so here's some friendly advice.

It's probably a good idea to stay as far away from me as possible.

(He leaves)


[ Tripp's Van ]

( Damon wakes up in the back of Tripp's van, coming face to face with Enzo, who is also chained. )

Damon: (groans) Uh'

Enzo: Morning, sunshine.

Damon: Enzo,

(Damon looks to see the chains on his hands)

well this brings back memories.

Enzo: I'm glad to see you found a way back, mate.

Afraid it's going to be a short reunion though.

We're headed for Mystic Falls known for it's bridges; quaint, small town charm and a really big vampire bug zapper.

(Damon pulls at the chains)

Damon: Stefan could've told me there was a hunter in town.

Enzo: It probably slipped his mind because he's responsible for my return to incarceration. Damon: Why would he do that?

Enzo: Probably jealous of my accent.

Eh' maybe he did it because I killed his new girlfriend.

Damon: Yeah that'll do it.


[ Road to Mystic Falls I ]

( Elena drives down the road, the tires screech as the car comes to a sudden stop just outside the Mystic Falls City Limits. Caroline is in the passenger seat on the phone with her mom. ) Caroline: Sorry Mom, Elena is auditioning for "Top Gear"

(they get out of the car)

Yeah, ok, bye.

(She hangs up)

So my mom is shutting down Route 13 Tripp will have to double back and there's only two other ways across the border.

( Elena isn't really paying attention she's facing opposite Caroline, staring straight ahead. ) Caroline: Do you have a preference? Front, back?

(Elena leans against the car still staring straight ahead)



(she pops one of the tires and the air explodes from it causing the car to sink down and Elena turns to face her)

I think this sells a spinout.

(Elena turns back again toward the dark road)

What do you think?


Elena: I want my memories back.

Caroline: Wait.


(Elena turns to face her)

Elena: I made up my mind, if Damon survives this, then I want Alaric to uncompel me.

I mean, I can't imagine ever loving him but I also can't ignore the parts I don't like just to avoid the truth.

I mean how could I make any decisions if I only know half the story?

(Caroline rubs her arm affectionately and they turn to face the road ahead of them, waiting for Tripp's arrival).


[ Road to Mystic Falls II ]

( Alaric and Stefan have parked their car on the edge of Mystic Falls. The sign by their car reads "You Are Now Leaving Mystic Falls, Come Again Soon." They are also pretending to have car trouble while they wait for Tripp's arrival. Stefan pops the hood and starts pulling out pieces of the engine. )

Alaric: (watching him) You don't have to take apart the whole engine we just need to lure Tripp in so we can grab him.

(Stefan continues taking the engine apart)

You know, it's not your fault.

Stefan: Pretty much is.

Alaric: Look.

You're not the only one who gave up.

You know every second for the last four months all I could think about was when I'm gonna get my next sip of blood, when am I gonna screw up and hurt somebody, why did I come back to life just to be this thing.

That I used to hunt vampires and suddenly I was one. Searching for Damon was the only thing that could take my mind off of it, but I was basically going through the motions as a distraction because, honestly Stefan, I'd given up, too.

(Alaric spots headlights approaching)


(Stefan turns)

Stefan: That's him.

Alaric: You should stay in the carhe knows what you look like.

Stefan: He thinks I'm on his side.

Alaric: Yeah unless Enzo told him different.

Go tell Elena he's here.

(Stefan gets in the car as Alaric approaches Tripp's slowing vehicle, waving his arms over his head and whistling to get his attention).

( Tripp's van comes to a stop; from inside the van Damon and Enzo can hear Alaric's voice. ) Alaric: Evening.

(Tripp rolls his window down partially)

I tried to get my buddy to a bachelor party and our car just stopped you think you can uh help us out?

Tripp: Oh' don't know anything about cars.

Alaric: Yeah, oh well, maybe you could give us a ride then?

( From the back of Tripp's Van )

Enzo: Who's that?

Damon: Ric.

He's up to something.

Better be something good, b*st*rd owes me.

Tripp: Sorry, in a bit of a hurry.

Alaric: Yeah.

So are we.

(Alaric punches through the glass of the window it shatters knocing Tripp back, Alaric grabs Tripp by the collar and punches him in the face).

Tripp: Uh! Ooh!

(He groans and grabs his Vervain gun, shooting Alaric in the shoulder with it. Alaric holds onto the side of the vehicle as Tripp slams down on the gas heading straight for Stefan's Car. Stefan, on his cell phone looks up just in time to see the approaching vehicle. He vamp speeds out of the car just before Tripp's van crashes into it, flipping over; flying through the air and crashing over the Mystic Falls sign landing upside down. Alaric is thrown off the vehicle) Alaric: Uh! Ugh! Uh!

(He groans as he hits the ground within Mystic Falls).

( In the back of Tripp's Van, Damon groans as the gun shot wound appears, his shirt soaked with blood. Enzo begins coughing and choking on his blood. )

( Stefan overlooks the scene in shock and terror, his phone still in hand with Elena on the other end. )

Elena: Stefan. Stefan what's happening?

Stefan: Damon and Alaric are across the border.

I got to go.

(he hangs up)

Elena: Oh my god.

(she whispers)

( On the ground, Alaric is coughing up blood, a large wound has appeared on his chest; blood soaking through his shirt. )

( Stefan looks at the sign that says Welcome to Mystic Falls and then straight ahead at the overturned van with a decision to make. He walks forward, crossing into the border and immediately falls forward clutching his stomach in pain where his gunshot wound appears. ) Stefan: (groaning) Agh! Ugh! Aagh! Ah!

(panting, he presses forward picking up a crow bar on the road)

( Inside Tripp's Van the spirit magic is being ripped away from Damon and Enzo )

Damon: I came back for this.

(Enzo spits up blood)

Enzo: Consumption, wasn't much fun the first time around either.

(Stefan uses the crow bar to break into the back of Tripp's van).

( On the grass, Alaric is dying when Jo comes running over she falls to her knees beside him and applies pressue to his chest wound. )

Jo: It's okay, I'm here.

I followed you like a crazy stalker.

Not one of my finer moments.

( In Tripp's Van-Stefan has gotten the doors open and goes to help Damon first but he stops him. )

Damon: No, no.

Get him!

(Stefan uses the crow bar to get Enzo loose from the chains that are attached to the top of the van. He then gets Damon loose. Tripp comes out of the front of his vehicle, blood gushing from his head; instead of facing off with his enemies he runs away. Damon, Stefan and Enzo struggle out of the van)

( On the grass Alaric gasps and pants, spitting up blood ) Alaric: You have to get me across the border. (Jo is using her first aid knowledge to help him)

It's stripping away the magic.

I'll die.

Jo: You'll die if I move you.

I have to stop the bleeding, you nicked your descending aorta.

Alaric: I know, that's what killed me.

Jo: (holding up a package) And you didn't have me back then did you

(she rips it open with her teeth)

and you didn't have hemostatic gauze.

( Enzo and Damon struggle out of Tripp's Van, Stefan is pushing them along. )

Stefan: Get up, come on get up.

(he holds them both up; linking one of his arms with Enzo and the other with Damon as they struggle down the road and toward the border; grasping their stomach's, couching up blood and panting. Finally they reach the safety zone; Enzo and Damon drop to the ground coughing, panting, groaning and trying to catch thier breaths as their wounds heal. Stefan turns back toward Mystic Falls knowing Alaric is still on the other side).

Alaric lays on the ground with Jo working over him.

Alaric: What's happening?

Jo: You still with me?

While I'm sealing this wound.

(she applies gauze to his bloody chest, her hand covered in his blood)

I want you to think about how you tried to compel one of the smartest women on campus to forget about her date with you.

The date where I single handedly saved dozens of lives without smearing my makeup.

(She works quickly, Alaric gasps)


Hang on!

Stay with me.

Come on.

(She starts pumping on his chest)

Gonna get that heart pumping.

(He gasps)

You don't get to have the last word with me.


(Alaric stops moving, his eyes now closed)


(she screams, pumping on his chest, but there is nothing. Alaric remains still).

( From outside the border Stefan watches helplessly; Damon, still on the ground rips his hands free from the chains and looks toward Mystic Falls, his eyes wide. )

( Jo continues pumping on Alaric's chest refusing to give up. )

Jo: Stay with me! come on!

(Suddenly Alaric's head snaps up, his eyes open and he gasps for air)


( From outside the border, Stefan breathes a sigh of relief. )

( On the Ground, Alaric looks around confused and shaken. )

Alaric: So-so-something's wrong.

Jo: (stroking his face) Don't move.

Alaric: No, something's wrong.

I'm not supposed to be alive.

Jo: There's no reason you shouldn't be.

I sealed the wound we just have to get you to the hospital.

(He breathes heavily and rests his head back on the grass).



[ Road to Mystic Falls I ]

( Caroline stands on the dark road just outside Mystic Falls, on the phone with Stefan recieving the updates. )

Caroline: (quietly) Yeah, I'll tell her.


(She hangs up as Elena vamp speeds up to her, coming from the opposite direction)

Elena: I was just on Route 9 and there was a crash but they weren't there.

Caroline: Yeah I know they had to get out of there.

Elena: What happened?

Caroline: (sigh) Uh Stefan said that...uhm.

(she stares at Elena, not able to find the words)

Elena: What, Caroline?


(she asks nervously)

Caroline: Alaric crossed the border, but Jo was there and she saved him.

Elena: (relieved) So he's okay, that means he's okay, right?

(she presses the question when Caroline doesn't immediately answer)

Caroline: Yeah Elena he's okay.

Elena: Then why do you have that look on your face?

What happened Caroline?

Caroline: All the magic stripped away, but Jo saved him just before he died.

Elena: (not comprehending) What, I don't know what that means, Caroline.

Caroline: Alaric is not a vampire anymore, Elena.

He's human.

(Elena is shocked and troubled by this news knowing what it means).


[ Salvatore Boarding House ]

( Matt and Sarah enter the house )

Sarah: Thanks for the ride.

Matt: (closing the door behind him) Yeah I thought I'd save you the trouble of having to boost another car.

Sarah: (smiles) That was almost funny, hope for you yet Donovan.

Matt: If I told you I knew about your family promise to take a little friendly advice.

Sarah: Hang on, you know who my family is?

Matt: Read any history book about this town's founding members.

The guys that live in this house are Damon and Stefan Salvatore.

Sarah: Why are you just telling me this now?

Matt: Because (pause) they're vampires and wherever they go death and pain always follow so if you're looking for family you're not going to find it here.

Do yourself a favor and get as far away from this place as you can.

( Suddenly from the other room, Jeremy's loud, frustrated voice catches their attention. ) Jeremy: COME ON!

(Matt and Sarah turn and run toward him)


(he screams)

Matt: Jer... Jeremy: I keep trying to cancel Bonnie's phone but I can't without her pin.

Why can't I remember her pin?

(In anger, he slams the phone down on the pool table, smashing it into pieces; he holds up his hand it is cut open with jagged pieces of the broken phone sticking out of it, shaking slightly. He then smashes his hand through a bottle of alcohol that sits on the pool table; glass flying everywhere. He bangs his fist over and over again into the pool table. Matt and Sarah grab ahold of him).

Jeremy: Get off! get off!

(he screams, fighting against them)

Sarah: It's gonna be okay. Jeremy: No it's not! She's gone! Bonnie is gone.

(He pants, as Matt hugs him)


[ Whitmore/Mystic Falls-Elena and Alaric Phone Conversation ]

( Elena is at Whitmore while Alaric is in the hospital in Mystic Falls; they are on the phone with each other as the scene switches back and forth between locations. )

Elena: Jo's a keeper, how does it feel?

Alaric: (in a hospital bed) Oh, it hurts a lot.

Elena: Well, it's too bad there aren't any vampires in Mystic Falls to help heal you.

Alaric: Well, I think they got me on a morphine drip.

It's the next best thing.


Elena, I'm so sorry.

Elena: No, no, no Alaric I'm just glad that you're okay.

I mean up until an hour ago I didn't even want my memories to return.

I was the one who made the choice to lose them.

Now I have to live with the fact that you can't give them back to me.

I know how much you hated being a vampire so I'm just glad one of us got what we wanted. Alaric: And what is it that you want?

Elena: To be able to look Damon in the eye, knowing all that I know and all that I don't, and see how I feel about him.

I want to trust how I feel.

Alaric: I hope that you can.

Good luck, okay?

(Elena hangs up)

( In Alaric's hospital room he hangs up the phone as Jo walks in quickly. )

Jo: This hospital sucks!

I can't believe anyone even makes it out of here alive.

Alaric: They usually don't.

Jo: I'm having you transferred to Whitmore ASAP.

Alaric: Thank you.

Jo: (smiles) Just doing my job.

Alaric: Hey, (taking her hand) you did more than that.

You gave me back my life.

Thank you.


[ Whitmore-Restaurant/Bar ]

( Stefan and Damon sit at a table drinking Bourbon; Stefan listens as Damon rants. )

Damon: I was this close...This close.

Stefan: I know.

I'm sorry.

Damon: Oh I got it, everybody's sorry.

You're sorry you gave up on me, sorry you turned Enzo into that hunter guy.

Ric's sorry for the compulsion.

I'm sure if Elena could remember anything she'd be sorry too.

(He says annoyed, drinking).

Stefan: You got to understand how hard it was for her.

Damon: I am so tired of hearing how hard it was for her.

It was hard for me as well.

Stefan: At least you knew you had a home to come back to.

She didn't have anything, to her you were just gone.

Damon: Guess I still am.

Ric said she's happy without me since she's erased me.

You know what I don't want her to be happy.

I want her to be miserable just like I am.

Stefan: (unamused) You done?

Damon: Yeah.

I'm done.

Stefan: Good, now quit stalling there's a girl you need to go see.

Damon: What if it doesn't work?

What if what we had isn't strong enough to break the compulsion?

Stefan: You're not going to find out just sitting there, are you?

Damon: (thinking about it for a moment, then finishing his drink) Here's goes everything.

(He leaves; Stefan sighs and sits along at the table until he spots Caroline walks down the street. He quickly leaves the restaurant to catch up to her).

Stefan: Hey.

Caroline: (turning toward him) Hey, so am I your last stop on the Stefan Salvatore apology tour?

Stefan: Could we just get past this, please?

Caroline: I'm trying to.

Stefan: Look, Caroline.

What do you want me to do huh?

Stop making me guess and tell me so we can go back to being friends again.

Caroline: Yeah well you know that's the thing Stefan after all of this, I-I don't want to be friends anymore.

(She walks away, leaving him alone on the street; he sighs and shoves his hands in his pockets)


[ Whitmore-Dorm Room ]

( Music Playing )

( Damon walks down the hallway toward Elena's room. )

( In Elena's room, she goes through the box of Damon's things. Pulling out her diary which holds a strip of photographs of the two of them together. She pulls it out and looks at them. )

( Damon continues toward Elena's room. Elena pulls out Damon's black leather jacket. )

( Damon reaches Elena's door and knocks. Elena takes a deep breath, pausing for a moment as Damon waits anxiously at the door. Elena hesitantly walks toward the door, reaches for the door knob and slowly opens the door to face Damon. After four months of him being gone, the two finally get a chance to see each other face to face. Their eyes meet. )




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